Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Every day is different

I am expecting Sami to be walking any day now. She's standing up by herself in the middle of the room, but won't take a step. She just stands there and looks down at her feet and claps and laughs. Of course I then laugh with her.

Sami really raked in the Hanukkah gifts this year. She received clothes, toys, and books from her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins (and of course from us.) She may not understand that it was a holiday yet, but she definitely knows she has even more stuff to play with now. We also learned that she loves potato latkes, but then again Sami loves all food. We have yet to find something she will not eat. The pediatrician tells me to enjoy it now, because she may become picky later, but as for now, Sami is very far from picky. She amazed everyone last night when we got together with my family to exchange presents, when she pigged out on pizza, lasagna, a garlic roll, potato latkes and ice cream cake.

At home, she is eating and drinking mostly organic now, including organic milk and juice. After learning a couple of months ago about most apple juices containing arsenic, I switched to organic products. And of course, now Steven and I eating more organic food, too. I am a serious "couponer," and save 50 to 60 percent each week. This percentage has gone down a little bit since adding in organic products, but it's worth it knowing we are doing whatever we can in Sami's best interest.

Sami continues to amaze me each day. The truth is that most days I forget that I didn't give birth to her. We are connected in a way that I can't imagine would be any stronger if we shared the same DNA. One look at her beautiful face makes everything better, makes me calmer and seems to give me a sense of purpose.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

13 months

We had a great first night of Hanukkah! The Florida Panthers hockey game tonight was geared toward Jewish families with the theme being "Chanukah on Ice." There were giveaways and holiday music throughout the entire game, and after the first period a rabbi went onto the ice and lit the menorah, while saying the appropriate prayers.

We took Sami with us, of course, and she had a blast. The arena was almost sold out, and filled with families with other young children. The game was exciting, and Sami really seemed to love her first real sporting event.

At 13 months old, Sami is still changing so much every day. And she seems to be learning so much every day. She now says, "hi" and "bye bye," in addition to "mommy" and "daddy" that she has been saying for months. Also, if you count "one, two," she yells out "three!" and whenever she sees a telephone (real or toy) she puts it to her ear and says "hello." She also loves to sing and dance. So many things she does make me laugh, and she is just more beautiful each day, too. (Not that I'm biased or anything.)

Last week, we took her to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure, for the second time. And just like our first trip, she loved the characters, and seems to not have any fears. (I've added a couple of photos here.)

Work has been busy the past couple of weeks, which is good. I am continuing to have the editor role for a finance-industry trade magazine, and am back to editing the book I began editing last year, as the author has sent the next few chapters finally.

I am looking forward to the rest of this week, celebrating Hanukkah, and bringing in the New Year.