Tuesday, February 7, 2012

15 months and walking

On Monday night, at 15 months and 2 days old, Sami finally walked! She's taken a few steps before here and there in the past, but this was different. I'm not saying she is ready to run a marathon, but she walked across the playroom downstairs, and she did it several times. And while she did it each time, she laughed aloud the whole time, obviously very proud of herself!

Tomorrow is the last day Sami is contagious for the chicken pox, according to the pediatrician's office. Since we've been stuck at home for almost two weeks, I've really been working with her trying to get her to walk. I know she may have walked tonight regardless, but it gave Sami and I something to do to pass the time. I've really been going stir crazy being stuck at home, but Sami and I have had a lot of fun playing together. That said, I am really looking forward to us getting out the house!

Sami is also talking even more, and dancing and clapping every time she hears music. She is really quite a character and makes us laugh every day. We have to be really careful what we say now, as she repeats so many things she hears.

I can't believe she is already 15 months old. She is really her own little person, with her own personality (and her own huge temper, of course). She has so many teeth now, including molars on both the top and the bottom in the back of her mouth. She's growing so quickly, and I'm thinking she might even need her first haircut soon. :)