Monday, August 13, 2012

The most active child

There's a new show on the Oxygen channel. It's called "I'm Having Their Baby." The show chronicles pregnant women, who have decided to place their babies up for adoption. It's heartbreaking, watching these women, most of them very young, go through the grieving process when they say goodbye to the baby after giving birth, even though they repeat that they know they are making the right decision.

It makes me think about Elizabeth, and how she never seemed emotional at all about placing Sami up for adoption. Yet, I am so grateful to her every day when I look at our beautiful daughter.

Just twice this past week, I was told by people that Sami looked exactly like me. These of course, were people who assume I gave birth to Sami. The funny thing though is that sometimes I forget I didn't give birth to Sami.

For example, last week when I was at the dentist, we were discussing how come I get new cavities every year, even though I do not eat candy, do not drink sugary drinks, and always brush and floss after each meal. I even carry a toothbrush and dental floss with me almost everywhere I go. The dentist tested my saliva, and said that I have an enzyme that my body naturally produces that actually causes tooth decay, no matter how well I care for my teeth. He said it is genetic. My father had terrible teeth, and so does my aunt (his sister), so I know that I got this from my father's side of the family. Immediately after hearing about this genetic enzyme from the dentist, my first thought was that I hope I did not pass this to Sami!! Things like that happen all the time, not usually health-related (sometimes it's about my curly hair), in which I hope (for Sami's sake) she doesn't inherit something from me. Then it takes me a little while to remember we are not biologically related. I truly forget that all the time. In my mind, she belongs to me and Steven in every way possible.

It's hard to believe that we are now talking about how to celebrate Sami's 2nd birthday! Sami is already 21 months old. Every day brings new surprises. Yesterday morning, she climbed out of her crib already. She may wind up being the youngest child to move out of her crib and sleep in a toddler bed! We are waiting to see if it happens again. She is just so incredibly active. I have many friends with kids Sami's age, and with the exception of one little boy, Sami is much, much, much more active than any other child we have ever seen. She never sits down. She plays only standing up, and if the decision was hers, she'd eat every meal standing up or walking around. She is completely exhausting!! She climbs up chairs to stand on the dining room table, climbs up the back of the couch in order to stand on the windowsill. You name it--she does it!! She definitely keeps us on our toes....

In other news, since I've last written Sami had her first haircut, and already looks like she is ready for her second haircut! Also, over the summer I tried taking Sami to ballet classes. There is a dance school near us that has a class for girls ages 18 months to 3 years old. We went for a few weeks, but Sami didn't follow instructions well. She wouldn't sit (big surprise) when she was supposed to, and seemed to think the instructions were for every child aside from her. She also cried and screamed if I wasn't in sight. I'm going to wait a little while and try again, and see if she does better when she is a little older.

I honestly do not remember what life was like for us before Sami was in our lives. In 21 very fast-moving months, everything is different. Steven and I are different people. We have gone from the couple that was known for first going out at midnight on a Saturday night, to being exhausted by 10 p.m. I guess the simplest way to put is that we became parents. LOL. And I couldn't be happier. :)

I've attached four photos here today. One is from the Fourth of July, one is from dance class (Sami is the only one standing of course), one is of Sami standing on a chair at a table outside the planetarium, where we took her to watch a show recently, and one is from her first haircut. Hope you enjoy!!


  1. Very interesting how time flies

    Don't forget that she is an electronics junkie, loves the Muppets and eats like a horse

    And she counted to four with her fingers and words.