Sunday, January 15, 2012

14 months old

This week Sami and I both had our chicken pox vaccinations––Sami at 14 months, and me on the 11th anniversary year of my 29th birthday. After Sami had her shot, the pediatrician talked me into getting one, too, since somehow I have managed to get through 40 years without getting the chicken pox. Way back, my regular internist had advised me not to bother getting the shot since he believed there were so few cases of chicken pox out there anyway, so there wouldn't really be anyone to catch it from. However, I learned that if Sami is one of the children that gets a rash from the shot, then she would be contagious. Also, if I am ever exposed to anyone with the shingles, I would be able to contract chicken pox from them. So after all of these years, I was convinced. Sami will not be getting her second chicken pox vaccine until she is 5 years old; but as an adult, I will getting my second shot in 4 to 8 weeks from now. So now I hope neither Sami or I gets a reaction to the vaccine, which could include a fever and/or rash, and it can happen anytime up to 1 month after the shot.

The rest of Sami's doctor appointment went really well. The pediatrician looked at the shape her head, and agreed with the physical therapist that she looked great, and no longer needed therapy. Also, she now weighs 21 pounds! It's hard to believe she once weighed just three tiny pounds. The pediatrician said that Sami looked really well, and he was impressed with how much she is speaking. She says so many words now, and is extremely active and busy. She isn't really walking on her own yet, although she does stand up and let go of the walls of her pack and play and tries to take steps in there, but only if she thinks we aren't looking. She does walk throughout the house with her push toy; she just isn't ready to let go and walk without holding onto something. She'll walk when she is ready––she is just not ready yet. :)

Sami will be getting more vaccinations at 15 months, and then more at 18 months. Then after that, she has a break from shots until she is 5 years old.

As for everything else, we've been keeping busy, going to birthday parties, getting together with friends and family, and working, of course.

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  1. She now has her elmo toy and her own laptop as well

    Fun, fun, fun