Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chicken pox!

It's been a long week.

Last Monday, Sami developed a fever that began around 101 and wound up going to 104.4. Then on Thursday morning, she came down with the chicken pox as a reaction from the vaccine. It's a mild case of about 10 or so pox, and for some reason all of them are on her face. It's rare, but it happens. It follows a couple of months ago when she got a similar reaction after getting the MMR vaccine. One theory is that because she was born so early, she didn't get immunities in utero, as this usually takes place during the last two months of pregnancy.

Anyway, the first morning she scratched them a little, but since then she doesn't seem to even know they are there. But because they are contagious, Sami and I are stuck at home all day, every day. The last thing I want to do is spread the chicken pox around to anyone.

Meanwhile I am hoping that my one vaccine a couple of weeks ago will be enough to protect me. Adults are supposed to get two vaccines, four to eight weeks apart, to be fully protected. It's a few weeks too soon for me to get the second shot, so for now I am just hoping for the best!

Aside from that, things are going well. Steven's grandmother recently celebrated her 99th birthday, and Sami got to spend time with her grandparents (Steven's parents) while they were here visiting for the occasion. And of course Sami showed off for them, talking like she loves to do.

I also received my 40th birthday present from Steven, which he saved up for by doing extra freelance jobs, last week, as the jeweler needed some extra time to create it. I got beautiful diamond earrings that I will always cherish, remembering this special birthday. I haven't taken them off since I got them, and have no plans for them to leave my ears.

As for now, not many people feel safe coming into our home, with Sami having the chicken pox. I do not blame anyone, and I almost feel as though we are living in isolation. LOL. Thank goodness for the telephone and Internet or I'd have no communication with the outside world! It's been difficult keeping Sami entertained, but playdates are out the question. So I've playing with her and trying to keep her as busy as possible at home, working while she naps.

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